The Home Of HEW - The 5-Axis Robot Arm

Welcome to the world of Robotics!

Here at Blueprint Robotics, we want to give everyone the opportunity to have access to robotic products at an affordable price.

Introducing HEW-DV4

HEW-DV4 (Design Version 4) is a tool for you to use as you wish, that can be programmed in anyway you want just plug him in and go. He is a complete 5-axis articulated robot arm with a 1-axis gripper with a total working envelope of up to 360 degrees. He’s been designed with quality and customer focus in mind from the ground up to be a beautiful and usable robot.

HEW is avaliable from our online store simply head over to

From students and teachers to hobbyists and enthusiasts, HEW has been designed for anyone and everyone to use!

Our robot arms have a wide range of applications! Whether you’re a university student who wants to perform testbed applications or create a prototype system; a school student who wants to learn more about robotics and programming; or a creative person who simply wants to have fun and play around with a robot arm, then HEW is the robot for you.

For Schools

One of our aims is for HEW to be used as an innovative educational tool that is fun, interesting and easy-to-use, that will capture the interests of young people. Create simple programs to move your robot around, make drawings, pick and place objects or make your own interactive controller! HEW can be programmed using a large number of development boards including the Raspberry Pi .

Robotics covers a large range of subjects! Emerge yourself into a world of mechanical, electrical or software engineering and see what you can discover today! 

University students

HEW is also an ideal robot arm for students with testbed and software application requirements, after all that’s the reason we wanted one in the first place!. 

Computer scientists often look to robots to create awesome programs and make them come to life, such as a chess playing robot to pit your mastermind against, robotic students wanting to take on a final year project or a testbed solution for students looking to create artificial intelligence and take over the world! (Skynet didn’t build itself you know!)

Hackspaces, hobbyists and enthusiasts

Whether you’re hobbyist, enthusiast or Hackspace member, HEW is an ideal companion for any project! Use him to hold your next circuit board for soldering, a torch for a helping hand or simply want to do cool and fun things, the possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to see what our like minded friends can could up with!

What colour will you choose?

Using acrylic allowed us to give him a stylish look and a light weight whilst maintaining durability and strength. Acrylic also gave us the option to fulfil one of our aims: giving the customer a choice! Acrylic comes in many colours and so does HEW.

Our standard colour range is Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Clear.

All of our grippers come in the same colour range so if you like matching colours, then you’re in luck!. Each image below shows our standard arms with the SimpGrip in matching colours
B (1 of 14)

C (1 of 8)

B (8 of 14)

What makes HEW easy-to-use?

Interfacing with HEW is simple using servo motor PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control. 

PWM is a common output standard with a range of devices, including micro-computers such as the arduino, raspberry pi and Mbed, all of which can be programmed using a variety of programming languages: C, C++, C#, Python, Java and Scratch.

Robot Specifications

General Specifications:

Working envelope & dimensions

HEW has a large working range of up to 360 degrees at a maximum reach of 256.9mm. His impressive work envelope allows you greater room to interact with objects.

Mounting options

HEW can also be mounted in various ways. With a standard base design you can mount him when and where you want him, on the ceiling, on the wall or floor. His removable suction cups allow this to be a simple and yet easy process.