The Home Of HEW - The 5-Axis Robot Arm

Here at Blueprint Robotics we design, develop and manufacture desktop robotic products for you to use, We provide ‘ready to use’ customizable robots giving you the customer choice be that gripper, colour, controller or programming language. We strive to make customer focused, high quality affordable products. We want to help people create and explore amazing ideas using our products.

We want people to have as much fun exploring and making their ideas come to life, rather than worry about the costs or limit of a product they might want. When we design a product we aim to make it useful, stylish and affordable

The beginning:

The idea for Blueprint Robotics was born in late 2014 whilst carrying out a project. This was to design and build our own robot arm to be used for various tasks, including programming, testbed applications and mostly for the use with a past university project. The aim was to make the resulting robot arm easy to build, simple to use and looked nice.

From this project HEW was born and in turn so was Blueprint Robotics. The drive to turn this idea into a full company was to allow everybody the chance to explore the world of robotics at an affordable price with a high quality, effective product.

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Meet The Team

Kai longshaw

Kai Longshaw

Technical Director, CEO & Founder

A Graduate in BEng (Hons) Robotic Engineering with a passion for all things technical.

I love taking things apart just to see how it works! I’m an all round technology guy,  visiting local hackerspaces, soldering as much as i can and generally building things! My latest build was a minecraft plant box.

Matt Brightonpng

Matt Brighton

Graphics Designer

A Creative & Marketing strategist with a BA(Hons) degrees in Creative design

I love all things digital, creative and innovative and partial to a yorkshire tea! Aside from work – you can find me skiing in the alps, walking in the beautiful peak district or working away in my home office.


Michael Deville


A passionate and creative product photographer with a BA(Hons) degree in photography.

Hi I am a professional product advertisement photographer, the combination of the camera, controlled lighting and the studio environment is a challenging process that I enjoy. I like the idea of creating a picture from the beginning, but i also love taking things apart.