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Well what can be say? Business Rocks 2016 #BR2016 is a big event with a lots of big names going such as the inspiring Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple Computer Inc), Alice Webb (Director for BBC Children’s) and Mark Masterson (Lead Developer Relations Google), over 48 hours worth of non-stop networking and companies show what they are about and how the North of england is not just any old place its full of tech, innovation, passion and drive! it’s going to be a great event.  There’s even a twitter style App for everyone attending the event!


What is the event?

Business Rocks is a 2-day event from 21st April to 22nd, Its a big Event to promote, invest, inspire and generate more excitement and growth for the Tech industry and the start-ups aspiring to become the next big thine. Simple put its the north’s global stage for tech innovation. with over 5000 founders, investors, mentors, startups under one roof.


So whats going on?

Well lots of awesome stuff actually. There are a number of high profile keynotes such as Steve Woz talk, there is also a 2-day global start up pitch battle where start up companies pitch their ideas or business to a series of angel investors for the chance to win a 50K funds which is run by Innov8. A Series of master-classes, surgeries and demos, a investor speed-dating session lasting both days. Lots to do and lots to see! 


Floor PlanWhos going to be there

Over 109 businesses will be there which range Big names,  great products and awesome brands! There is also a range of different business types attending ranging from Software to manufacturing all the way down to small start-ups and some makerspaces too!

Here is a list of just Some of the key exhibition stands include

  • Rolls Royce
  • Tesla!
  • BBC Micro Bit
  • UKTI
  • Entrepreneurial Spark
  • Manchester Raspberry Jam
  • BBC Digital and many more.
  • Virgin Startups
  • Startup Britain
  • Indiegogo
  • and many many more!

Where hoping to see some great things and network with a lot of great people! We also hope to make some new relationships. We not alone of course! HEW will be travelling around with us from the palm of our hands working from the PC USB controller and a set of 4xAA batteries he’ll be giving our our business cards! Were looking very much forward to the event and can’t wait to talk to people about ourselves and HEW.

If you haven’t already check out the Business rock website over at: xxx , At the same time in honor of this awesome tech event were holding a sale for our robot arms with over 10% off for a limited time only so order your desktop robot today and save!




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