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Don’t Duct Tape Your Robotic Arm, Duck*!

*Duck: it’s a Stoke thing (and Nottingham too).

Warning: this blog post contains duck-related puns!

Don’t be a bodger

Robotic arms are meant to look techie and industrial, not bodged together. We think HEW fits the bill in that respect, and we hope that you agree.

There is undoubtedly a time and a place for duct tape, with a myriad of applications in DIY etc.

We also applaud Nelson Yepez for making a hydraulic robotic arm out of cardboard and duct tape.

Nelson Yepez's hydraulic robotic arm made out of cardboard and duct tape

Nelson Yepez’s hydraulic robotic arm made out of cardboard and duct tape

However, here at Blueprint Robotics we don’t think being a bodger is the best way of going about things, and maintain that duct tape really isn’t the best way of securing your robotic arm to its operating surface.

We think that it’s bad design, unless your robotic arm is actually completely made out of cardboard and duct tape, of course, and gives a bad user experience. Plus, you know, it looks cheap and nasty.

Duct Taped Robotic Arm

Duct Taped Robotic Arm

Mount HEW anywhere

That’s why our design for HEW gave him a universal mounting base. This means that the base can be used to mount him almost anywhere (so to speak, fnarr fnarr, gumph)!


4-cornered robotic arm fixing point universal mounting base

The 4-cornered fixing points enable you to attach HEW to any surface by simply screwing or bolting him into place! It’s easy, quick and secure. It’s much better from an aesthetic point of view too.

Mount him when and where you want him – on the ceiling, on the wall or floor.


HEW Mounting Options

Double-sided suction cup

Double-sided suction cup

Or, if you prefer, the double-sided suction cups (which come supplied with the HEW robotic arm) allow you to attach the unit to smooth and level surfaces quickly and easily too! No fuss, no mess, and you don’t even need a screwdriver.

HEW’s 6-axis movement, combined with his speed and working envelope, makes him extremely useful and ideal for a wide range of applications.

Don’t be a victim of bad design and resort to having to duct tape your robotic arm down, mount it instead!

You’d be quackers not to, duck!

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