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Robot Wars Episode #2!

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Robot Wars 2016, Episode 2!

It’s a true battle of gore, shattered parts and sparks its Robots Wars, The arena where robots battle head to head until only 1 is left standing! (or at least wheeling around)

In today’s post we’re going to cover episode two, talking about the robots we liked, what  their designs are like and what makes them stand out from the rest.



First up is this episode’s recap is our favourite robot THOR!

This big mean red machine packs some powerful weaponry along with an experienced driver, we definitely had our minds set on Thor becoming the next champion. Designed and made by a builder Thors mobility was fast, accurate and well controlled. It was the driver Jason that we liked so much about this robot and what made him deadly. His driving skills and timing was a critical part of the battle, not only did Jason keep his robot out of harms way, his well timed attacks made winning an easy solution, winning  nearly every round, he was not to be messed with.

A great designed robot with armour covering the all important wheels, weighing around 105Kg and an awesome top speed of 30mph! However for us the best design feature was the mounts found at the front, these allowed Jason to equip extra armour or tactical parts with ease making it much more difficult for spinners and flippers to inflict any major damage.

Not only were his armour and driving skills deadly this robot was equipped with Thor’s The mighty Hammer! So why use hammer? Well firstly it matches his name, but most importantly it causes big damage. If your weapon has a sharp blade like an axe, you’re more than likely going to get it stuck in your opponent’s armour since it can pierce much easier, however if your weapon is stuck then you’re exposed and open to being rammed or attacked by the house robots, something you don’t want. A hammer on the other hand causes a different type of damage it can simply smash, dent and break your opponent’s, due to the size and weight, making a hammer an ideal weapon, and best yet it’s much much harder for it to get stuck in your opponent.



The next robot on our list is the mighty ShockWave

A robot created by father & son team Will and Ian , we admired this robot, their great fighting tactics and clever design makes them a fitting match to compete in this years series.

Weighing in at over 110 Kg they are one of the heavies to compete in this episode. Their mobility was great with a four wheel drive system using two chain driven wheels combined with two direct drives. A good design that is compact into a symmetrical shaped body allowing them to drive on either top or bottom face, even though their wheels are exposed we like the design and shape of the robot. The only minor point we had was the lack to cause any major damage.

However shockwave Flipper although it’s a no damage dealer this lifting arm helped them win a number of battles using clever tactics and material changes giving them a great advantage over some of the more offensive robots.


Next on our list is this episode’s spinner bot Mr. Speed Squared.

This family team gave it their all, destroying both the opponent’s robots and their own, weighing in at 110Kg and equipped with a 360 degree disc wrapped around their armour they were in it to kill it.

The design of this robot really caught our eyes, it’s quite clever in a way. Your weapon is also your armour! how could any flipper try to take this robot on? as it would only be met by a direct hit first, making them a very hard robot to approach in fact one of the only ways to do it is to sacrifice a blow to your own robot in a chance to attack them back. Not only that it gave them the fear factor, would your robot survive a hit from their 22Kg spinning steel plate reaching over 1000+ rpm. However what they had in weaponry they lacked in actual armour using a much lighter and thinner 3mm aluminium plate this meant that if they were to be hit it would have a much bigger effect. Take Thor’s hammer for example if they were hit with it who knows what damage it could cause. Overall a good design of a robot with good attack power!


Next up is Tough as Nails

Were not fully sure what to think about this robot. The team KODOX from holland came a long way to compete in this years series, bringing a lot of battle experience they were ready to take on the competition! Their concept was simple grab a robot and throw into the pit (easier said than done).

However the sheer strength of this robot is not to be missed, Boasting an awesome set of 3000W motors, a jaw capable of crushing 1.2tons! and weighing in at just 107 Kg this is no whimpy machine and they have come to do some serious damage. As the commentor is more than please to tell the audience “Never bring wheels to the arena” which we completely agree on, its just a case of which wheel gets destroyed first! A powerful robot with a big weakness it’s like a typical classic boss fight, spot the obvious weak point and attack! so they needed to be careful when going against a spinner attacking robot either grab them or run away.



And finally, Foxic the robot that just couldn’t

We agree with the judges on this, a round which saw Foxic versus a damaged Mr.Speed.Squared was just hands down rubbish, no damage, no chase just bumber cars even then nothing much happened. Its safe to say we didn’t like this robot, ok they have an electric flipper, which didn’t seem to do or lift very much despite the acclaimed 2 tonne lifting capacity, but it was never really used. The best bit of action the flipper got was verus Thor where it was used for defence and stop them from being destroyed by Thor’s mighty hammer. This robot seemed all talk and no bite…

Well we hope you enjoyed our review of some of this episodes robots and have gaven you some insight in why different robots chose different designs and weapon types, as each brings its own pros & cons. We’ll see you next time for more awe inspiring carnage! #321Activate

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