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Robot Wars Episode #3!

Post Series: Robot Wars 2016

New_Robot_Wars_logoAnother great episode with one of the best opening battles we’ve seen so far, with the first wooden armoured robot we’ve seen! Both Dara and Jonathan Pearce couldn’t hold back the comments, It was just a fun episode watch.

So lets take quick recap at this episodes battle bots from round 1 which saw Dantomkia vs Glitter Bomb vs King B Remix vs Overdozer fight in the fight 4-way head to head battle followed by Big Nipper vs Or Te vs Supernova Vs TR2.

Again were going to talk about some of the robots, what we liked about them and why material choice is a game changer in this arena.

In cased you missed this week’s very entertaining, exciting & actioned packed episode you can always catch up on BBC iPlayer found here: .

We are also trying to not give away too many spoilers, so if you’d like to know the results the robot wars wiki has a very well maintained scoreboard for everyone to use which you can find here:


First up we have the underdog of this week’s battles Team Toon with their robot TR2.

Well what can we say, this team was a big surprise to us all our second favourite from this weeks match. One of the many flipper robots in this weeks heat but they were nothing short of deadly, showing us how much damage a flipper robot can do (unlike last weeks dismal Foxic robot) A great team made of Mother, Father and son.

One of the many things we loved about this team was there willingness to pay the price of damage, to really get dug in and destroy their opponents. They really gave it their all. They had one of the youngest drivers in the series but that didn’t stop them, Showing great control, great damage and great tactics. If they couldn’t cause enough damage this clever team kept their sorry opponents in the CPZ’s allowing the house robots to do the damage for them making it easy pickings for them as a robot limps out of the corner (if they can escape that it).

We also noticed a really neat little piece of metal that helped them out in a number of situations, did you spot it? It was a small set of red teeth sticking out at around half way up the flipper arm (see the below image) This clever addition stopped robots from going over the top of their robot but also kept them on the sweet spot of the flipper. An awesome deadly clever robot we definitely admire.

If you want to make a flipper bot then these would be the people to be inspired by.


Next up is Big Nipper! A very interesting robot and one of the most unique designs in this years series we’ve seen. This was a great designed overall. Packed full of power this robot had great mobility, attack and defence. Weighing in at 110Kg with a top speed of 20Mph we think they were in for a good chance.

The team was also an interesting point as the design and build of Big Nipper which was created by machinist, who very clearly showed a very well made robot that was well machined with its lifting weaponry and ‘Eight-Wheel’ drive driving system.

Their weapons were also really well made, what better than an interchangeable weapon! It was a great idea and it could work really well, however it all comes down to tactics chose the wrong weapon for the job and you could be pushed dead into the PIT!


Overdozer the robot we loved for all the wrong reasons of course! 

Our favorite Robot from this Episode, what could be better than watching a wooden robot fight 3 heavy weight metal robots. They made it to the top of our list purely for the commercial value they gave to the show, it was just a joy to watch this robot get smashed to bits, right from the buzzer they were targeted by other robots loosing a wheel in one hit, watching this robot get destroyed was glorious, honestly we just couldn’t get enough.

So why did the chose good old fashion wood? Here is what they had to say about it:
“We went with an MDF armour because it’s cheap and really easy to cut because we did not have a lot of time to make this robot.”

As we all saw the material your armour is made from really makes a difference, wood is easy to work with and much faster to make things from but it just doesn’t have the strength needed to take such power blows, once wood bends (from a hit) it doesn’t recover because it splits and cracks making it weaker and loose, creating large weak points in your armour. Metal on the other hand will dent and deform but will stay in one piece, sharp blows will be the main thing causing any sort of hole. I think this team learned a valuable lesson about materials.


Super Nova a robot you don’t want to bump into.

Another awesomely powerful spinning robot we saw in this years series. This was a robot made by Team Trinity bringing with them 3 series worth of experience! There robot was also just as experienced having been thought 5 upgrades, weighing a mere 94 Kg a top speed of 10mph using two 1 horse power motors and of course housing that incredible horizontal spinning disc!

There experience alone makes this team a deadly match to go up against, combined with that awesome 22kg disc spinning at up to 2500 rpm! i think it was safe to say some of the other teams didn’t want to face this robot head-on.

However it was interesting to note that their weapon does cause some issues, if you look closely you can see that the disc is spinning so fast that the robot shakes and is actually being moved around by the mass of the disc’s two red blades, it even carried on spinning when they didn’t have the weapon ‘active’ that is to say that the speed in which it was spinning kept it spinning while they didn’t use it meaning the robot would of been hard to control at times. This was even more visible when they fell into the pit as you can see the whole robot oscillating side to side as the disc slowly loses speed. However they ultimately showed that experience wasn’t everything.13932119_10209915914605342_840646787_o

Even after the show their insane power was shown when the team posted the image above where the blade had got stuck into the side of the arena wall. When they hit another robot 10 out of 10 bolts holding the blades onto the disc broke and sheared off, which requires HUGE amounts of force.




Finally on our list is Dantomkia

They showed great power and aggression through the show. They really showed how well flipper robots can do against spinners and spiked robots. Another team with past experience they stormed through the 4-way head to heads while only taking minor damage.

The interesting design here was their small ‘tail’ lift, this was a neat feature added to the robot as it lifted the back end up bring the front flipper section down and flush on the ground, giving their flipper its best chance to get right under their opponents and really do some damage.

Another great fact which we loved about this robot was the team behind it none of them started out with any robotics knowledge and as the team captain explained rather well they have learnt a lot since starting our including material properties, electronics, drives and gear box ratios. This just goes to show that no matter your background you can always learn something new.

Robotics is a great area to learn from as it draws from a large range of subjects including, electronics, mechanics, software and maths.

We look forward to the next episode of this awesome series so far and wonder what MDF/Nuts/ Crazy robots we get to see next, its all in the name of fun!


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