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Robot Wars Episode #4!

Post Series: Robot Wars 2016

New_Robot_Wars_logoAnother great episode of this awesome sparking, metal crunching, bolt flying battle of 100+KG robots. This weeks episode was by far the best we’ve seen so far, smashing it way to our top favorite spot for this years series, it was just a full hour of entertainment with no null moments.

As always we’re going to cover the aspects of some of the robots we saw in this week’s episode including, what we liked and what we didn’t like about them.

As always if you need to catch up on the latest episodes you can watch them all here: on BBCiPlayer, and for more great indepth details about the teams and their robots along with a summary of the each match so far the robot wars wiki has it nicely covered:


Apollo The robot that never gave up

Well what can we say what a great team! they were pure awesome and great at giving us a show no matter their opponents. Never letting down their attack and never giving up, even when taking drive and wheel damage! This team from Birmingham named “The Robot Boy Band” due to their entertainment careers were nothing short of a delight. 

Their robot Apollo was a classic flipper robot weighting an impressive 108Kg, using two 1.2KiloWatts drive motors able to carry them up-to an incredible 12mph. However the hidden gem in this teams deadly robot is their flipper. Working at a mind boggling 1000PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) which is just over 68 times the pressure of normal atmostpheric pressure, it was able to flip any challenger including Spoiler alert the fearsome house robots! even these fearsome bots stood no chance when facing the deadly Apollo, they simply flipped over two house robots in just ONE round! Because of the sheer power of their flipper weapon and the reference to NASA they didn’t call their weapon a flipper, instead it was appropriately name a ‘launcher’.

The design of their body work was also a great feature, their ‘Launcher’ tip was so close to the floor, giving them a great advantage to get under any robot and flip them. However because of this feature they also kept getting caught on the arena’s floor features making them have to navigate around them or jolt up and over them as the tip of the ‘launcher’ kept catching anything raised off the floor. Of course their design was also inspired by NASA’s own Apollo space program which saw the classic black and white appearance, which we totally geeked out on.

 We’ve never seen such an awesome display of power on robot wars ever, it was the most enjoyable round and the best highlight of the episode. The audience and the judges were both on Apollo’s side and we don’t blame them, Well done guys you were out-of-this-world (terrible pun we know… but it had to be said!) If you have a twitter account you should check them out their at: @apollorobot



PP3D this week’s sweet spinner robot

We loved the design of this robot, built by a team of 3D printing experts which they used to a great advantage and even made pieces of their robot out of 3D printed parts. Their weapon was equally as impressive sporting an insane 31kg spinning disk which is sitting just 2cm up from the arena floor! This made it much easier for them to attack their opponents all important wheels. The other big advantage from of this robot design is the large wheelbase and low profile design gave them a great turning circle, great moveability, allowing them to easily get around the other robots and deal some deadly damage, because of this they were not easy opponent to defeat. 

It just goes to show that the design of your weapon can really make a difference, as tactically they had lots of options to pick from, on how to attack, defend or evade.



Eruption this episodes young but experienced fighter

Another classic flipper robot driven by one of this year’s series younger drivers, but with a catch. Team Eruption, who’s robot is named after their team name have a large amount of winning experience behind them. In the past they have earned the title ‘UK Champion’ of the Fighting Robots Association not once but twice! This made them one of the deadliest in the series.

This experience was shown by the driver’s skill evading some seriously dangerous situations, and at the same time, they were lining themselves up for attack! Luckily at one point during a head to head match their robot was spun on the edge of its blade performing a stylish dance, which was totally accidental though.

However we think their ultimate downfall was that the young driver was over confident and underestimated their opponents winning only half of the rounds they entered.


Storm 2 the expensive machine

One of the most expensive robots we seen on robot wars, boasting an impressive drive and weapons system including a clever feedback loop. The team behind storm 2 were keen to tell Dara that if they needed to rebuild their robot they would have to write a check for “about £20,000“. It looks like a great bit of kit and some of the most advanced technology seen in robot wars, as such we had high hopes for them and were really looking forward to see what they had to offer.

The key item to use in this robot was in fact the feedback loop, this built-in feedback system allows them to see real time data of storm 2 showing them information on motor power, temperature sensors and voltage sensors. This information allows them to very quickly make on the fly decisions and how to react next, a very powerful system to have.

There weapon was also a welled design part of this robot, housing a neat modular weapon design allowing them to change weapons depending on who they were facing and thus giving them a better chance to win.

However we were quite disappointed overall, they rarely used their flipper/weapons and simply rammed the opponents and pushed them into the CPZs, which did work well at times but the lack of actual attacks for such a precision made robot that costs around £20,000 we were honestly bored watching them, more than anything we were annoyed, they had plenty of great opportunities to use their “front firing flipper” but never really did. As Dara put it pretty bluntly, he has this to say: “You basically ran around a lot, and let Eruption do most of the damage!


Terror Turtle, its no friendly pet now.

Our second favorite robot of this week’s episode, as always there is one robot that gets destroyed, pick on or just terminated within the first few seconds and Terror Turtle was one of them. It was a good robot to be fair, they had armour covering those all important vulnerable tires, and included ‘Cluster robot’ to help them fight. The main purpose of their cluster bot was to wedge itself under other robots to impede their movement.

Their best feature was the powerful spinner weapon at the front, weighing in at 9kg, which is a pretty serious weapon. Hitting Eruption head on caused some good damage, however their 4mm thick fiberglass didn’t help them much as they were pushed around the arena before being terminated. A good team though with good spirit and we loved them for it.

The big question on our minds now is can the next episode beat this one? we were on the edge of our seat with some awesome moments. Lets just hope the next round of robot battles can! after all it’s all good fun.

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