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Robot Wars Episode #5

Post Series: Robot Wars 2016

New_Robot_Wars_logo Hello and welcome back! Its that time of the week again, where we get to watch robots battle to the death in a purpose built arena.

Where we see some of the biggest, baddest and most powerful robots in the UK fighting it out to become this years robot wars champion and we couldn’t be more excited!

As always we’ll be looking at a selection of robot from this weeks episode covering a range of aspect about them, including what we liked and didn’t like about the robots and their designs.

As always if you need to catch up on the latest episodes you can watch them all here: on BBCiPlayer, and for more great indepth details about the teams and their robots along with a summary of the each match so far the robot wars wiki has it nicely covered:

Gabriel the giant!

Up first is our favorite robot of this week episode and the highlight of the post, Gabriel, this monster of a robot is insane in size, their wheels are huge, their weapons are huge and their height is huge! Created by team saint who are a family team consisting of 4 members of father and sons, we instantly loved them already for being such a great inspiring team for us all, but how could you not love this robot, it’s great!

Straight away it was clear they had a very unique design, which is something we’ve not really seen before on robots wars. Overall we loved the team the robot and their shear resistance, they had some great advantages but equally had some big disadvantages.

So to start lets talk about the actual height of this colossal machine. We spoke to Craig who told us the size of their robot, which when measured was a staggering 1.5meters wide and 0.9 meters high (wheel height).

There wheels, were the single biggest ones we seen, and they were the biggest feature on the robot. Now i know we have stated multiple times “you should never bring wheels to the arena” but this time it’s different. Those what should really be called ‘plastic disc’s’ with cut up bike tyres bolted on to them, were no normal wheel, nothing could break, dent or damage them enough to cause any real issues, they just kept on rolling it was incredible, even the other teams were saying how hard it was to attack them, “We weren’t sure how hard we could actually hit him, because he just takes the shock away“-Ironsides 3 driver. Cleverly they also added two small wings, one to each wheel, which stops them from stuck on those large flat plastic wheels, basically they were set of self-righting plates, possibly a dangerous oversight had they not added them.

It was these huge unstoppable wheels that gave them their greatest advantage, their height, the main section (batteries, controller board and receiver) of the robot was so high up nothing could actually reach them. This simply meant that they had no real fears, they just drove up to a opponent’s robot and started attacking and nothing would get in their way.

However out of all of the awesome that this robot is, they had one downside. The weapon. There interchangeable weapon head was a swinging axe/pickaxe, it looked tough and like the rest of the robot is was another huge part, but and its a big but, they just couldn’t cause any heavy damage against their metal armoured foes. At one point they were hacking away at an opponent but it just didn’t do that much damage. Despite the lack of weapon power they were still able to damage their opponents and win a number of matches through other means.

Overall great team, great robot, and great spirit! Keep on rolling guys you were the best.

If you have the time, check out their facebook & twitter pages, their photos just say it all.

Twitter: @craigcolliass

Next on our list is, Beast the skeleton Robot.

This is a mean looking robot, the reason we say its a skeleton robot is due to the armour design, we’ll come to that in a minute. The key for this team was their large heavy weight flipper weapon. The robot itself weighed an impressive 109Kg and had a top speed of 10mph using two 24V motors.

So that armour, it looks pretty neat to us but even Dara noticed the difference in armour design on beast saying “Gentlemen, this robot, to me, looks like a naked robot” which we can’t argue against it did give it this unique look, in response team member john had this to say “We have a massive buffer tank, big weapon, and we’ve got to show it off by having no armour!”. There armour is a tubular frame design which is made from solid steel bars, so even though it looks ‘naked’ its some seriously tough armour! However the key reason for this design was to reduce weight.

Most of the weight however went into their weapon. Their heavy duty pneumatic flipper consisted of around 1/3 of the robots total weight! which by our calculations is around 36kg! We are not fully sure why though they wanted such a heavy weighted flipper, yes you want the flipper to be strong, and yes you want to have some weight behind it in order to push robots into the air and withstand the large forces acting against it, but 1/3 of your total weight is quite heavy, don’t forget that every time the flipper is fired, if you miss your opponent all that weight has to go somewhere, which means your robot is going with it since it’s just so heavy, overall we don’t see the big advantage of this weight distribution. But we did like the look of the robot, it was pretty cool.



Next up is the brutally bullied Chompalot.

Well to start we have to say they gave it a good shot, they really tried to get dug in and cause some damage with their (upto) 3 tonne crusher weapon but got caught up at the wrong time in front of the wrong opponents. The first round was not kind to them, most of their armour was destroyed, they had broken drives, the weapon broke, self righting wings broke and to top it all off they were caught by a very unkind house robot.

However under their damaged body this robot had some serious parts. They weighed around 99kg, had a top speed of 12mph, featured a powerful hydraulic crushing jaw and to top it off it had two 24volt 750Watt electric motors. Their armour consisted of a 6mm polycarbonate plate which is most likely the reason the other robots weapons could do so much damage as metal armour has a much better hardness and higher resistance to deformation meaning it wont bend and break as easily.

Though it did make the show a much more interesting one, simply because we get to see what damage can be caused and how easily some robots can be ripped to shreds but also set on fire, as we found out later on in the program, during the end of a fight their batteries started to smoke heavily and then suddenly set a blaze creating pretty big flames.



Ironside 3, this week’s spinner!

We all know a spinner robot when we see one and ironside fits the bill quite clearly. Sporting that main feature of a weapon which was a large duel, double bladed blunt bar, they had great driving skill and amazing attacks. Let’s take a quick look at some of the specs of Ironside, They have a total weight of 109kg, with a top speed of 12mph using two brushed DC motors ran at 22volts. This deadly robot was created by team outlaw, a fitting name as they were out to make some real trouble!

First of all though we we have to talk about that weapon. So straight into the facts, weighing in at a mind blowing 35kg there blade spans a meter wide, which can spin up to 1,500rpm. This is one devastating weapon and one tough opponent to face, we know wouldn’t of wanted to face them alone. They used it to great effect and charged head first in the group heads-to-heads battle, which is the perfect thing to do with such a weapon and it was great for us viewers, straight away they made a number of heavy blows ripping armour off, bending metal and shattering wheels.

Equally their armour was nothing shy of tough, sporting an impressive 5mm thick ‘HARDOX’ steel casing, which they left unpainted to give it the classic rustic brown look (also known as HARDOX Brown, due to the type of steel used). It is important to note that this material is not the typical steel you’ll see laying around, as stated on the ssab website ( “Hardox wear plate — The renowned hard and tough steel for aggressive environments“. This material is some really tough stuff and is mostly used in a wide range of unforgiving environments such as industrial mining and large industrial diggers. This armour combined with their deadly weapon makes them a serious fighting machine.




Finally we have Pulsar, the survivor!

Firstly we have to say congratulations to these guys after an awesome come back later on in the show. It was great to see them back in the arena again, as they have a really nice design and a good team, so well done guys.

To the facts, this neatly compact killing machine weighs in at 107kg, plated in 4.5mm thick ‘ARMOX’ steel armour and has a top speed of 15mph using two modified Turnigy rotomax 50cc brushless motors (Pulsar facebook photo detail,

Pulsar’s weapon also caught our eye, as they had a very interesting design and the only type of its kind we saw in this week’s episode. Their horizontal weapon armed with a single tooth spinning drum weighed 14.5kg and could spin up to an insane top speed of around 9,000rpm!(“its OVER 9000″… sorry we just couldn’t resist) It was so fast infact that it could be heard throughout the arena, as dara commented to the driver : “I was way the other end of this building when I heard this god-awful hum start, like it was like a fire alarm or something!“. Really though that is a very very fast spinning weapon, and at 14.5kg that single tooth will cause some major damage if it catches anything.

The disadvantage for this team was the weapons range, it had a very short reach which meant they really had to get stuck in to do any major damage, but robots like beast where hard to get underneath where as robots like Garbiler were out of harm’s way and the only way to hit them was those huge wheels.

So we hope you’ve enjoyed our post series so far and we look forward to another great episode next week, which is going to be the final’s for this years series and we couldn’t be more excited! who are you rooting for to win, make sure to comment below.

Don’t forget to comment and tell us your thoughts on this week episode using the comment section below we’d love to hear from you. But also don’t forget to use our promotional code #RobotWars for 10% off!

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