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Robot Wars the return of the machines!

Post Series: Robot Wars 2016


What’s more exciting than fighting robots?!

we can’t think of anything better and what a time it is to after 12 years the great Robot Wars is back.

In just the first episode which aired last sunday night there was nothing short of true robots fights, bolts flying, nuts break, metal scared and torn, motors failing and flames melting tires, it was intense as each team fought to stay alive and demolish the other competing robots, each having their own pros and cons. To top all of this greatness off the series commentator Jonathan Pearce is back, his excitement and enthusiasm just adds to the atmosphere of the show making. We hope you enjoy watching this new series as much as we, while we follow this years series with a new post for every episode!

If you havn’t already you can watch the lastest episodes on BBC’s iPlayer


Were not going to spoil anything for which robots won and who lost for last nights show (since we are posting a day after the show aired) but we do have our favorites.

First of which, is the awesome, fear factor that has a deadly bite, Its Razer

Razer_2016 Razer’s main powerful weapon was its obvious steel claw, said to exert up to 9 tonnes of pressure!

Just looking at Razer gives you a sense of its power, it looks mean and packs a huge punch. Under its belt this robot has 41 victories with only 6 losses.

Our second and next favorite robot for this year’s robot is Carbide

CarbideA new entry robot for this years series, but with a well experienced team behind it. Carbides big point is its 2300RPM spinning bar tipped with teeth on either end.

They look like a harmless robot at first but its opponents would say otherwise, their damage was clear taking large chunks from behemoths 8mm thick flipper and pretty much dismantling Team Nuts robot.

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We look forward to the next episode where we’ll make a review of the final matches and talk about some of the robots!


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