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Robots Wars Episode #6 The Grand Final!

New_Robot_Wars_logoIts that time of the week again, when we got to watch an awesome battle of team built robots fighting to the death in an all-purpose built arena and this week episode is the ultimate one, its the final episode of the series!

We get to see some of the best custom made robots the UK has to offer, these final contestant have one last set of rounds to compete to prove they are the ultimate Robot Wars Champion.


Spoiler Alert

Since this is the final episode, we’ll see the winner of each previous episode pitted against each other. This means we’ve covered all of them in previous posts, as such were going to cover the matches them selves and how well each contestant did

As always if you need to catch up on the latest episodes you can watch them all here: on BBCiPlayer, and for more great indepth details about the teams and their robots along with a summary of each match so far the robot wars wiki has it nicely covered:


First up is the Wildcard Thor!

At the start of this week’s grand final the judges picked a wildcard robot to compete once more, and the selection went to Thor, we were very excited! We all know who this might hammer belongs to and its Team captain Jason. We loved this robot and had high hopes they would make it though the 1st episode however due to arena hazard they were disabled and lost the round to Shockwave. However this time both man and machine were eager to get stuck as team captain Jason said “I’m going to beat seven bells out of everything that gets in the way

love it! He was very aggressive in the past rounds and never gave up, so we don’t expect anything less now. Its important to note that Thor is the fastest robot in this year’s series, with a top speed of 30mph! This is more than twice as fast as most of his opponents.

In the first round they were straight into attack mode, driving into pulsar and hammering TR2 throughout. But his robot wasn’t going to last, over a number of rounds Thor took a number of devastating blows fighting against TR2, Carbide and Apollo. After performing a number of major repairs, welding and assembling following each round Thor was beaten, destroyed and in pieces. Overall they made some great assaults and put up a very good set of fights until they eventually fell part. Well done Jason and Thor it was great to have you back.


The horizontal spinner Puslar

Back in action once again, the loud war drum hum of the deadly 9,000rpm single blade spinner robot Pulsar was ready to fight and we really did liked the design of this low level sleek robot. In round 1 right from the word ‘Activate’ they were spinning up and eager to fight, heading straight at Thor and hitting them instantly on his front ramp before trying their hand at TR2. They really got dug in this round making some impressive damage to both TR2 and Thor, bending large sections of metal from the front and back of the robots and destroying a section of Thor’s armour, they really had the sparks flying. However their drive problems caught them out once again and they were left stranded with only their weapon spinning away which acted as a deterrent, as commentator Jonathan noted “You’ll hear the hum, its not a hum drum sound for any victim. The siren lures its victims down to doom

Their luck didn’t last and they were knocked out after being immobilized for longer than 10 seconds. We have to say its was an impressive robot though with one of the fastest spinning weapons seen on robot wars and a clever design, it would be great to see them fight again, with some modifications this would be a winning design as they have a strong weapon, low compact design and a tough frame/shell design. So well done Pulsar and the team behind it. We hope to see you again soon!


TR2 the young flipper.

This young driver was the star of the show in episode 3 showing the power of his flipper robot and how driving skill is just part of the game and not just pure damage power. As yet they are undefeated. They are a robot to watch out for, never under estimate your opponents! An awesome team who were great to see in the finals

Going against the powerful Thor and Puslar in their first round, they had their work cut out for them. Each opponent has a powerful and skillful robot, with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. TR2’s biggest advantage was the flipper which was a great weapon combined with their low profile ramp, where they were able to get underneath both Thor and Puslar numerous times, flipping both of them over into the house robots and arena hazards within the first round.

Later they face three head to head battles against Thor, Apollo and Carbide. During their fight against Thor we saw them trying to out drive one another in order to land heavy blows, at times they drove around in circles of one another almost like a dance. This was a very similar event with their head to head against Apollo where each robot tried to flip one another into arena hazards and CPZ’s. Their final match versus Carbide saw some brutal blows in the first half of the match, but the tables turned when carbides spinning weapon broke, at which point TR2 aggressively tried to hunt down carbide for the remaining time. In the end however their winning streak was lost to a judges decision for carbide to win the round. 

For such a young driver in the this year’s series the team did extremely well and got so far in the competition, hopefully we’ll get to see more of them in the future! Well done TR2 you did extremely well.


Next up is Shock Wave.

Another powerful robot that made it to the finals, after their impressive pushing power and great display of tactics in episode 2, we were very interested to see how they would do against these other formidable opponents. Their first group battle pitted them against the deadly carbide and out of this world robot Apollo. Almost straight away Shock wave uses its tactics and headed straight for carbide to try and catch them before the spinning weapon is up to speed. They managed to drive around them and hit side on allowing that huge scoop of a of flipper to lift them off the arena floor, this enabled shock wave to carry them over to the CPZ, for another clever tactic, where they hoped the house robots would turn on them. However they were no match for the powerful spinning blades as carbide was soon able to get out of the CPZ and attacked shock wave side on, causing major damage and taking out the side armour along with a set of drive wheels, drive chain and break their driving axle. It was a very quick round (which we’ll talk about next in carbides review) which saw shock wave instantly out of the competition. As always well done guys and congratulations on getting this far its no easy feat.


Carbide, the spinning killing machine!

What an awesome machine, their weapon speaks it all. They did not hold back on their attacks at all, destroying, deforming and breaking the robots and the arena! Everyone had their eyes on this team and their powerful robot with that awesome 25kg spinning blade that is Carbide. Their first round saw them make a number of heavy blows to both robots, the flood and the arena side walls. Their first opponents to feel the wrath at the end of the spinning blades was shock wave who span off into the fire pit towards one of the house robots, before turning on Apollo. However shock wave went straight for the attack and carried them across the arena into a CPZ which caused carbides weapon to first hit the floor before directly hitting a side wall panel of the arena ripping it clean off! Jonathan pearce the commentator was going crazy, he didn’t know what was going to happen next and the fans were screaming with excitement it was awesome! This just shows the sheer power of these robots.

But with this large panel missing and due to health and safety concerns a cease was called early on. However before the cease was called the teams had time to battle and carbide made a huge blow to shock wave breaking the right hand side rear wheel, drive and armour.

Their next set of matches saw them pitted against Thor and TR2 and as before their spinning blade simply ripped through or in some cases ripped off the opponents armour!


Finally the Grand final winners, the robot wars boy band and their space robot, Apollo

This robot has been one of the most powerful flipper robots we’ve ever seen. After successfully winning episode four, where they flipped 3 house robots along with their opponents, they have proven that a flipper robot is just as devastatingly powerful as a spinner. Their powerful 1000psi flipper rightfully named a ‘Launcher’ produces around 5 tons of force! Combined with two 1.2k watt, 24 volt motors which drive their wheels through a two stage chain driven transmission make this robot fast and powerful.

In their first round with Carbide and Shockwave they were very cautious and tried to keep clear of carbides spinner weapon, they attempted to catch one of them out and drive from behind to flip them, but they only got a chance to attack carbide once before the round was very quickly called off. This was of course due to the health and safety concerns after carbide ripped a section of the arena wall off leaving a large opening. However due to shock wave’s damage both carbide and Apollo made it through to the next round without any real damage. This was a good easy round allowing them to move forward without much effort.

Their next set of rounds saw them face head to head battles against TR2, Carbide and Thor. The key for Apollo during all three head to heads was their low profile ramp and high powered flipper, during the fight with TR2 this allowed them to get underneath them much more and flip them higher and at times close to flipping them out of the arena. During head to head conflicts with TR2 both the robots would bounce off of each other due to TR2’s fixed and slightly extended flipper ramp. They went on to win by flipping TR2 onto its back where it was unable to recover.

However their first head to head fight against Carbide didn’t go well, as their first hit versus the deadly spinner disc disconnected Apollo’s ‘link’ which effectively switches the whole robot off leaving them completely open for attacks until they were counted out. Carbide took great advantage of this moment and made a precise hit to their side, which later resulted in the Apollo team shouting “Cheap Shot” to the Carbide team.

The next fight versus Thor was an interesting one, but also an easier win as Thor was quite literally falling part due to the amount of repairs. They simply kept flipping them into the arena’s flipper CPZ which launched Thor numerous times causing even more damage. This damage finally added up knocking some of Thor’s armour completely off and exposing his main drive electronics. Apollo ultimately won the match by knock out.

For the grand final it was Apollo Versus Carbide, the two top ranking competitors. After repairing them selves from the previous match and fixing their link, which was fixed the old fashioned way as team captain Dave Young greatly said “We’ve fixed it with a bit of gaffer tape” This was going to be an epic fight. Carbide was a well built, weapon strong robot and the exact same goes for Apollo, making this an extremely interesting round. It was simply a case of who was going to break first.

This is the final I have asked for. It’s the spinner that destroyed the arena versus the flipper that humiliated the house robots.” Dara’s comments before the final match.

The match started well for Apollo, driving aggressively toward carbide getting straight under them and into Sir Kill-a-lot before flipping them against the arena’s wall. Apollo was constantly on the attack whether they were facing Carbides spinner blades or not they kept on charging, flipping and ramming.

One of the key points here was Carbide’s landing from a flip caused by Apollo in which the spinner hit directly into the floor. This looked like it caused some damage to their weapon (a possible clutch burn out like we saw in the match against TR2). Since this point Apollo had no fear of carbide with their lack of attacking power, try was simply a case of trying to corner them and flip them on every opportunity. However this wasn’t going to last, as Apollo’s gas eventually started to run out. This meant that both robots went into a ramming war mode!

The match ultimately went to a judges decision with the winner gaining three votes by the judges. The winner was of course was, Apollo! It was an incredible match and a well deserved win by Team Mad and their Robot Apollo, Well done guys it was awesome!robot-wars

Well what can we say, this was one hell of a final, everything was happening, bolts breaking, sparks flying, the arena was broken, gas was venting and robots were going home in pieces! It really was a war zone. Although there was a grand winner we have to say well done and congratulations to all the competing teams, they’ve done tremendously well to get this far and it was great to watch each one fight and really bring out their fighting spirits and give it their all. An awesome episode to end the series.

However this isn’t the end for us were going to write a number of ‘Aftermath’ post to show you just how big the arena and the robots in it actually are (Its a pretty big game!) So stay tuned folks!

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