The Home Of HEW - The 5-Axis Robot Arm

Product Safety & Disclaimer Information

HEW might be a fun gadget to play with but he’s still a machine! Please read all the instructions carefully and take note of all the important information and warnings.

  • This production is not a toy, follow all warnings and always wear the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when using tools or any other product that could cause harm.
  • This product is not suitable for children under three years of age.
  • To be used under the direct supervision of an adult
  • Some parts may have sharp edges (such as screws and metal parts).
  • For domestic use only.
  • Do not enter the robot’s working envelope while in use or touch moving parts. 

In no event shall our company be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages to property or life arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of our products.

Remember Safety first.