The Home Of HEW - The 5-Axis Robot Arm

We don’t just build and make robots we also offer a number of services for you to use. Have a great idea, want to create your own prototype or simply want to laser cut something? Our custom design & print service is just for you.

For teachers looking to bring an exciting edge to engineer and STEM classes we provide a series of robot workshops and classes for schools to help make engineering come to life! Contact us to find out more.

Workshops and Master Classes For Schools

Want us to help make class more exciting? Our demonstration robots are perfect tools to help inspire students into STEM, through our hands-on workshops students get to create their own unique programs to perform tasks, while learning how robots work and interact with their environment in a fun interactive way!

Our master classes, will teach them basics of robotics, sensors, programming and output device, along with the Careers and industries robotics/STEM can lead into.

We also perform talks where we cover the world of enterprise and starting your own business.

Custom Laser Cutting & Design

  • Want to laser cut something? We can help, send us your file, cutting options and choice of material!
  • We can also help you design your next Sign or part.