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6-Channel USB Servo controller


Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller

This 6-channel USB servo controller is ideal for learns, makers and hobbyist alike. Allowing you to control your robots right from a PC. Simply plugin the servos add power and plug the micro USB directly into your pc, using the pololu software (available on our downloads page here: USB controller Software) allows you to control up to 6 servos using sliders, the added sequencer allows you to create your own robotic programs in seconds.

The controller can also be used with different development boards using a serial interface perfect for those raspberry pi robots or arduino robots!

This includes:

x1 6-Channel USB Servo controller
x1 1.8m USB lead

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Product Description

The perfect controller for Schools & learners

The six-channel Micro Maestro raises the performance bar for serial servo controllers with features such as a native USB interface and internal scripting control. Whether you want high-performance servo control (0.25μs resolution with built-in speed and acceleration control) or a general I/O controller (e.g. to interface with a sensor or ESC via your USB port), this tiny, versatile device will deliver. The fully assembled version ships with header pins installed.

The Micro Maestro is a highly versatile servo controller and general-purpose I/O board in a highly compact (0.85″×1.20″) package. It supports three control methods: USB for direct connection to a computer, TTL serial for use with embedded systems, and internal scripting for self-contained, host controller-free applications. The channels can be configured as servo outputs for use with radio control (RC) servos or electronic speed controls (ESCs), as digital outputs, or as analog inputs. The extremely precise, high-resolution servo pulses have a jitter of less than 200 ns, making these servo controllers well suited for high-performance applications such as robotics and animatronics, and built-in speed and acceleration control for each channel make it easy to achieve smooth, seamless movements

A free configuration and control program is available for Windows and Linux, making it simple to configure and test the device over USB, create sequences of servo movements for animatronics or walking robots, and write, step through, and run scripts stored in the servo controller. The Micro Maestro’s 1 KB of internal script memory allows storage of servo positions that can be automatically played back without any computer or external microcontroller connected.

Main Features

  • Three control methods: USB, TTL (5V) serial, and internal scripting
  • 0.25μs output pulse width resolution (corresponds to approximately 0.025° for a typical servo, which is beyond what the servo could resolve)
  • Pulse rate configurable from 33 to 100 Hz
  • Wide pulse range of 64 to 3280 μs
  • Individual speed and acceleration control for each channel
  • Channels can be optionally configured to go to a specified position or turn off on startup or error
  • Free configuration and control application for Windows makes it easy to:
    • Configure and test your controller
    • Create, run, and save sequences of servo movements for animatronics and walking robots
    • Write, step through, and run scripts stored in the servo controller
  • Compact size of 0.85″ × 1.20″ (2.16 × 3.05 cm) and light weight of 0.17 oz (4.8 g) with headers
  • Upgradable firmware


Pololu have a huge range of extra resources including libraries for arduino, sample code, API’s, SDK kit, project ideas and plenty of documenation to help you get started or to create your own in-depth code. Head over to their US website to find out more at:

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