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Connect Board


Connect Board V1, the easy way to connect to your robot!

The connect board makes life much easier and simpler than ever, all you have to do is connect the servo leads to the board and plug in some power! Its that simple.

Once your servo axis connections are complete simply plug in your dev board of choice using jumper wires, leads or soldered wires, it’s up to you!

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Product Description

Connect Board V1

This board simply makes connecting to your robot easy! Simply plug in all your servo leads in the order you wish and the PCB routes all the wiring for you, so that you can easily plug in power and connect to each servo without the hassle of lots of flying wires all over the place.

This board comes with pre-soldered 2.54mm pitched (0.1″) 9-way, 2-way and x6 3-way female header pins for ease of use.

The 6 header pins on the right hand side of the board labelled ‘Axis 1 -6’ allow you to quickly and easily attach or remove your servos from the board. 

At the bottom right hand side you will find two power supply points, the 2-way header pin allows you to attach your supply while the solderless ‘via holes’ allow you to make a more permanent connection

The left hand side of the board host the control lines for axis 1 – 6, along with a GND connection. (Note: The two extra G-V & G+V are external gripper pins which are not used at the moment)


Additional Information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 54 x 33 x 2 mm
Voltage range

4.8 – 6VDC


– x6 9-pin header inputs
– x6 9-pin solderless inputs
– x1 Power supply 2-pin header
– x1 Power supply 2-pin solderless
– x6 3-pin Servo channels


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