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HEW The Complete kit


HEW-DV4 Your friendly easy-to-use robot arm.

This complete kit version comes with everything you need to get your HEW robot working straight out of the box.

x1 Unassmbled HEW robot arm
x1 USB controller
x1 DC Power supply
Create your very own robotics lab right on your desktop with HEW by your side! Whether you’re new or experienced in robotics you’ll love how much fun it is having a robot by your side to do your bidding! 

HEW is a tool for you to use as you wish, that can be programmed in anyway you want just plug him in and go.
Make your own robot band, chess playing bot, tool holder or simply a helping hand! HEW makes a great addition to any automated, robotic or fun project. What will you create with yours?

Watch our complete online building tutorial to help you get started faster, via our youtube channel at:


Product Description

Product Description

Are you a student, engineer, maker/hack space enthusiasts, hobbyist or general tinkerer with an interest in robots or thinking about engineering in general Then HEW is your perfect tool for all your robot needs.

This kit provides you with everything you need to get started, all of the details of each piece can be found through the links  below.


  1. Unassembled HEW robot,
  2. USB controller,
  3. DC Power supply,



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