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987_campus_staff_uniStaffordshire University has posted a new Alumni (A former student) spotlight for Blueprint Robotics CEO, Showcasing the benefits Staffordshire University can give to students even after they have finished studying. So we thought it would be more than worth do to a blogpost to highlight the Uni and the benefits it can bring.

First off we have to give our big thanks to staffordshire university for the great work they have done so farThe University has given us valuable knowledge in our area of business and expertise as most of, if not all the workers involved have been Graduates or undergraduates from Staffordshire uni, from graphic design, photography, marketing, video production and most important product design and robotic engineering.


Not only was Staffordshire University a great place to go to study with its large range of courses, it provides a vibrant environment and lots of extra curricular activities, such as the SUMC (Staffordshire University Mountaineering Club) along with a range of other activities all of which can be found here:

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