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Wavemaker Half Term Creative Events

Looking for your next project or want to learn something new? Then Wavemaker’s half term activities is the place to be this february!

Whether you’re looking to learn something new or want to simple have a fun day out Wavemaker have something for everyone Learn how to make your own piece of art from metal in the metal workshop, discover the basics of robotics, start making you very own programs in Python, code a game using Python or work together on the popular game minecraft to make something cool!

Here at blueprint we strive to create exciting products that make your projects come to life and with our associates Wavemaker we now have a introduction to robotics to help you understand the basics of what a robot is and how they work. Then later on in the day you get the chance to build your own! But there’s much more going on. 

Sound interesting? just headover to their site to sign up.

A list of the events can be found here:Wavemaker Half Term

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